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Media Library

For your Media Library there are three options which the platform currently supports:

Brightcove: Here you have an enterprise level, world available, platform for hosting your videos. There has been programming work done to reduce the amount of work for partners who use Brightcove. When your videos are in the Brightcove platform, the videos will also be available in the Hope Channel App as well.

YouTube: It is possible to bring YouTube videos into the Media Library as well. However due to rights issues, the videos will not be available in the Hope Channel App.

Self-hosting: Here you take on the responsibility of hosting the videos on a server which you stand up on your own. The video file you share, should be accessible from anywhere in the Internet and be of mp4 format. If you decide to go this route, please notify us, as there may be additional questions/requirements from our team.


!!! - Please note, that the backend of the TYPO3 website is not meant in any way shape or form, to function as a platform to host your media library.