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Which plugin goes where?

The following information is for the Media Library plugins. Please refer to this chart for location and special settings.




Shows gallery

Gallery Plugins


  • category filters


Shows list

Gallery Plugins


  • alphabet, category, host filter
  • automatic pagination


Shows teaser


  • Teaser type = Featured shows

Featured shows banner

Full width (gallery)

Show teaser


  • only Episode detail page

Show detail


  • only Show detail page

Episodes gallery

Gallery Plugins


  • Latest (all episodes)
    1. The first air date is considered. If there’s no first air date, the creation date is considered.
  • Latest (only one episode per show)
    1. Most current episodes but only one episode displayed per show. (prevents displaying only one show)
    2. Sorting by first air date (if available), else by creation date (same as “latest” above)
  • Trending (number of views per day)
    1. episodes are displayed by the views they have over time. (combine with "not older than field" to prevent older episodes from popping into the list of episodes)
  • Best rated
    1. by the heart clicks of the viewers
  • Most watched
    1. based on Brightcove statistics

Episodes list

Gallery Plugins

  • list layout = gallery
  • host & category filter

Episodes teaser


  • set Teaser type as needed
  • related episodes for episode detail

Episode detail


  • only Episode detail page

Host detail


  • only Host detail page

Guest detail


  • only Guest detail page

Media download, Player, Podcast list, Podcase


  • Not used by the editors.

How do I update a plugin header?

If you need to update the header of a plugin, either with new text or a new translation. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Page view in the left column
  2. Center column click on the page that contains the plugin.
  3. Open the Plugin for editing.
  4. Make sure you are on the "General" Tab.
  5. Find the Header section and the Header field. Enter your new text in this field.
  6. Under Header -> Type section, make sure Type = Hidden (Hidden type will override the default text from the extension language files)
  7. Save your changes. Then refresh and check the frontend.
  8. If your change does not appear, go to the backend and click on Save and Close icon.
  9. Clear the page cache and then refresh the frontend. The changes should appear now.

Changing Plugin Sort order

For the Shows Gallery view there is the option to order the shows using the following criteria:

  1. Show Title: alphabetical sorting based on the show title.
  2. Latest Shows: chronological order based on the show creation date.
  3. Sort Order: ordering of the Shows based on their order in the Shows Table list.
  4. Random: a random presentation of shows.

This can be done by:

  1. Loging into the TYPO3 backend.
  2. Click on the Page view in the left column.
  3. Center column (pagetree), click on the page where the plugin is located.
  4. When the page appears in the right column, open the plugin by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon.
  5. Then make the sorting change as required. Save and review in the frontend.

New option to order the shows in the plugin:

Ordering shows in the Shows table list:

Changing Plugin Filters

If you wish to hide or adjust filters for plugins in the front end please do the following:

  1. Log into the TYPO3 back end of the website.
  2. In the left column click on the Page view.
  3. In the center column (page tree) click on the page which contains the plugin to update. After clicking, the page will appear in the right column.
  4. In the right column locate the plugin and open it for editing by clicking on the pencil icon.
  5. Once the plugin is open for editing, click on the Plugin tab of the plugin.
  6. Review the list "Selected Items" and add or remove filters as needed.
  7. To Add: click on the filter in the "Available Items" list, and it will be added.
  8. To Remove: click on the item under "Selected Items" and the on the small "x" between the two lists. The item should disappear from Selected Items.
  9. Save the change and view in the front end
  10. Repeat these steps for any other plugins on the website

On some pages, such as the page “Episodes” the plugin requires the team at Stimme der Hoffnung to make a configuration update. If there is no list of filters showing under the plugin tab, of the plugin, then SdH needs to make an update of the configuration.