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Before we create a new Hope Channel website for you, there is some basic information needed, so that we can configure the website for you. Please send us all this information.

Once the standard template is setup up for your team and the training is completed, the editors at your Hope Channel who are working on the website will be able to add or adjust the content on the website.

Information Requied

  • Final domain name for the website. (indicate with or without "www" at the beginning)
  • Email address for contact forms
  • URL for the SDA Church website in your country
  • Main language of the website
  • Time zone for your website
  • Two contacts for our email distribution list
  • Will the website have a Media Library and Livestream? If a Media Library or Livestream exists please send link(s)
  • Does the team have a Google Analytics account? If not, the SDH will create one. Please send us an email address, which is tied to Google, and we will provide that email address access when the website goes live
  • The general date format for your country. Example: YYYY-MM-DD

What does the Hope Channel Partner recieve?

Stimme der Hoffnung will provide the following to the Hope Channel Partner, once the complete funds for the Partner's share has been received:

  1. Installing new webserver
  2. Configuring website
  3. Two-day training session. (transportation, hotel and meals paid by Hope Channel Partner)

What does the Hope Channel Partner need to do?

The Hope Channel Partner needs to consider and prepare the following items, as needed by their website:

  1. Training: Discuss with staff and provide several training dates, when staff would be available for training.
  2. Navigation: Base navigation will be provided for your site. If this needs to be changed, it will be altered by your team. Please consider how to organize your website and the content.
  3. Migration: Any content on your current site will need to be moved over to the new website by your team.
  4. Translations:What will be the language of your website? Can your Hope Channel team can work with the TYPO3 system in the English language?
  5. Multiple languages: Does your site need to have multiple languages? If multiple languages are required, please list the languages in order of their importance on your site. This means the primary language should be at the top of the list. Please consider the time your team will need to translate content, website navigation, etc.

The following provides some basic information for shows and episodes in the Media Library, please consider the following information:

Shows: Please consider the points below for each of your Shows (additional details will be covered in the training):

  1. Title
  2. Short description text
  3. Long description text
  4. Hosts
  5. Contact Email for show
  6. Image
  7. Seasons (are these required?)

Episodes: Please consider the points below for each of your Episodes:

  1. Title
  2. Show the Episode belongs to
  3. First air date for the Episode
  4. Image
  5. Short description text
  6. Long description text
  7. Media Links to video files
  8. Tags (there can be multiple tags per episode and will help organize your episodes).
  9. Brightcove Import Id, if you are using Brightcove. YouTube ID for those partners using the YouTube platform. (YouTube cannot be displayed in the Hope Channel App)

Media Library: Anchor shows Additional elements for the anchor show

  1. Background image is a main image which will be used in the background of the page.
  2. Consider which colors will be used on the Anchor Show page.
  3. Content, what content do you wish to share with viewers? (documents, links, special offers, blog, about)
  4. Example of Anchor Show.


  1. What news do you wish to share with the viewers?
  2. Images


  1. If you are a Brightcove partner, please ensure that you are using the correct Ingest Profile when uploading your videos to the platform. It should be verified that the default Brightcove ingest profile is set to "Hope Channel CAE profile".
  2. If you are not a Brightcove user, then we need to discuss the system you are using for hosting your videos.
  3. Your schedule will need to be imported into the TYPO3 backend. Please see the support website for more details.

Livestreams: Will the site have a Livestream? If so, we will need to configure and test before the website goes online.

Donations:  There is a page to describe your donation process.

Social Media Integration: If currently using, please collect the account information  together, for implementing on the site during training.

Legal content: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Imprint, etc. Certain countries require by law that certain legal documents are on the website. Please speak with your church's legal representative to know what is required, and please have this information provided on the website before go-live.

Google Analytics:

  1. Option 1: Please create an account with Google Analytics if you do not already have one. Please allow us to have admin access by adding the following account (please replace text with standard email characters): google(at)stimme-der-hoffnung(dot)de.
  2. Option 2: Stimme der Hoffnung can create a GA account and provide access, we just need an email connected to Google. (click on "Use my current email address instead")