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Filelist Module Information

Please create a clean and logical directory structure. This will help when the team looks for images and files later, after the files have been uploaded and stored in the directory structure.

Incorrect spelling or using improper characters in the file name can lead to problems with the system. Please be sure to follow these rules:

  1. Use only lowercase letters. This concerns the complete file name. For example, max_fussmann.jpg - NOT Max Fussmann.JPG
  2. No Foreign language special characters. Example (de): max_fussmann.jpg - NOT max_fußmann.jpg
  3. No empty spaces. Example: max_fussmann.jpg – NOT max fussmann.jpg
  4. Do not save any files in the YouTube directory. Additionally do not change the directory name, as this directory is used by the system.

The following characters can be used for file/directory names: a-z, 0-9, - and _. Replace any foreign characters through their a-z equivalent.

These Rules apply to directory names as well.

Why the fuss? If files are to be accessed on the Internet, they must be accessible via a valid URL.