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Update 08.9.2012

A new version of core has been released today and here's what's new:

Dashboard > Settings > Extensions:
- Extensions are now order alphabetically (previously by date extension was added to server)

Dashboard > Users:
- Clicking 'Reset Password' on a user now show a confirmation message when an email has been sent.

Dashboard > Users > Access Groups:
- Bug Fix: prevent users from naming access group either Site Admin, Publisher or Member
- Bug Fix: error messages now display correctly

- Removed extension from extension list.

Liquid Layouts:
- Improved Designer Documentation layout
- Old Liquid tags cleaned up

Console > Settings > Logged Exceptions:
- Logged exceptions can be now be clicked on to show all of the exception information. This includes details about the request environment, parameters passed, etc. This can help debugging problems easier and is great to add in your Lighthouse bug reports.

Dashboard > Website pages > Themes and templates > Edit Template > Widgets Tab > Add Widget:
- Widgets in the 'Add a widget' lightbox are now ordered alphabetically.

Console > Settings > Google Features
 - Google Analytic's code has been moved to [Console > Settings] into the new 'Footer Code' field. CSS or JavaScript added into this field will appear at the bottom of all sites. Server Admin should copy their Google Analytic's Tracking ID to [Console > Settings > Google Features] where you will only need to paste the tracking ID.

This same process will can to be repeated by sites using GA and means all sites will have up-to-date tracking code, valid tracking code, and sites will only have to load the GA script once rather than twice per site.

Dashboard > Settings > Footer
- Renamed Footer (previously Footer links)
- Now has a new field called 'Footer Code' where Site Admin's can added JavaScript or CSS to appear at the bottom of their sites.
- Their Google Analytic's code was migrated into the 'Footer Code'. Site Admin's should now migrate the GA Tracking ID back into [Dashboard > Settings > Google Features] similar to site admins.

Note: if Site Admins do not migrate their GA code it will still work but not be able to take advantage of the improvements mentioned above.

OPTIONAL: If you as a Server Admin would like to migrate all your sites to the new Google Features setup in your servers rails console (rather than telling them how too), you can ask me for the procedure the SPD followed. Depending on how creative your webmasters are it takes about 5 mins.

External Feeds Extension
- Bug Fix: Fixes case where feed has an array of links
- Improvement: Widget now has option to display all content from a feed entry. This can be useful for bible verse of the day feeds where slightly more that 100 characters needs to be displayed.

Update 15.8.2012

Hey all,

Just thought I'd let you know about some of the new features we've been working on over at the SPD that you may notice.

If you want to keep update with our development we regularly update our blog at or you can sign up to our newsletter on the site.

Note: You'll see references below to theme liquid layouts a lot. Were working on adding support for as many extensions as possible as we find time. Basically they allow designers to create custom layouts/templates for pages (e.g. a news story, the news index page, etc...) and widgets giving great flexibility to designers. Designers can use this right now although no training video has yet been made. One will be created once there's more extension support and it means any last minute code changes will effect a minimal number of themes.

Here's the latest features:

News and Events Extension

The News & Events extensions now add support for commenting. Simply activate the comments extension first if you haven't already (Dashboard > Settings > Extensions) and then on individual news stories/events select the checkbox to 'Allow commenting on this news'.

For more information on setting up and using the commenting extension, see our training video.

Support for theme liquid layouts on news/events pages and the news/events widget has also been added for theme designers.

Photo Albums

Theme liquid layout support has been added for the photo albums widget and the photo album page.

BibleInfo Widget

Bug Fix: When viewing widgets on the bible info topics page widgets no longer show liquid errors.

Still broken: The bible info search feature in the widget is still giving a 500 error. We've removed this widget from the SPD server due problems with the Bible Info API. Once the developers have fixed the issues and widget is running smoothly we'll make it available to sites.

Document Groups Extension

The admin workflow has been restructured to be simpler and quicker to add documents. The adding of documents has been giving its own tab (previously at the bottom of tab one) and multiple documents can be selected and added to a group where previously it was one at a time.

Support for liquid themes was added for the document groups widget and document group page. Documentation coming soon.

Slideshows Extension

Settings for the slideshow effect and speed have been moved into widget preferences and you'll now find the option to hide the slideshow navigation.

Slideshow Templates has now been removed as support has been added for liquid themes allowing theme designers to create custom slideshows

Shop Update

The latest update to the Store is now available, all servers should upgrade.
This update comes with several big changes to Payment Gateways as they have now been separated from other aspects of the store bringing a few new possibilities. Ideally this will next be moved into the netAdventist core.

New features:
-Server Admins can now activate and deactivate payment gateways in the console under settings. They can also see which sites are using a payment gateway.
-Other extensions can now use the payment gateways.
-Sites can now have multiple payment gateways added to the site and switch between them.
-Test mode is now working on site payment gateways.
-Site payment gateways let users view all support credit cards and choose the ones they wish to use.
-For developers it's now very easy to add new payment gateways. Send me a message for more details.
-For the South Pacific Division, we've added the SPD Payment Gateway meaning sites only have to add their CMF number and payments and financial reporting is handled for them.
-If a site has it's country set, only payment gateways available to it's country are shown to be added.
-Stores navigation improved.
-All the different areas of the store can now be linked to from the main menu.
-Quick Donations! Avoid the shopping cart experience, users can now select a donation, add their information and credit card details all on one page.
-Suggested Donations - When creating a donation in the store, you can now added suggested amounts for users to donate including descriptions. E.g. $20 - Will buy 4 bibles for the islands.
-An example of Quick donations and suggested donations can be found at -
-bugs fixed except one - IE9 users using Windows7 are unable to add products to cart at present.

A few other extensions we've been working on/helping with recently-

Symbolic Widgets - A widget that will reference another widget. E.g if you have a static content widget on the home template you can use the Symbolic widget to make the same widget appear on the default template. This way any changes to the static widget automatically appear on the default template.

Recipes - The recipes extension now includes categories and when the commenting extension is activated visitors can comment on recipes.

Slideshows - Create and manage slideshows for a site. Upload, crop and reorder images on a slideshow while adding a title, link and description.
-For developers, slideshows can integrate with other extensions.
-Note there is a known bug with cropping images of certain ratios which we're working to fix.

Prayer Extension -
Fixed a bug where users were not receiving email notifications when a new pending prayer request was created.

News Desk (article/magazine style extension)-
-CSS bug fixes
-Add an article photo source and option to link them.

OpenID - You'll see this extension available but please don't install just yet. More testing is required and we're now working on including oauth2 integration for Facebook. The extension will turn your netAdventist server into an OpenID Provider allowing users to login to other non-netAdventist websites with their netAdventist login. Users will also be able to login to their netAdventist site with their Google, MySpace, and other accounts. Server admins can add any OpenID provider.

Neue Extension für Hope Channel

Wir haben eine neue Extension für den Hope Channel fertig. Bitte tauscht Euren Hope Channel Viewer mit dem neuen Widget aus!



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In This Issue:

Linking to Bible Text References
Church web sites often feature sermons, Bible studies and other documents that contain scripture references. While it’s possible to manually link to an online Bible for each reference, there is a much easier way to accomplish the same thing.

The Logos company offers a free service that finds and tags scripture references on sites. When clicked, tagged references pop up a window with the text embeded. It’s easy to add this on any netAdventist site site.

To add reference tagging to your web site:
·      Go to http://www.reftagger.comand click on “Get Reftagger”
·      Customize the tagger to display your preferred Bible version and style.
·      Select / copy all of the Javascript code displayed in the text box.
·      Log into your netAdventist web site.
·      Navigate to the “Settings” tab.
·      Choose the Google Features settings
·      Add the Javascript code you copied to the box provided to enter your Google Analytics code.
·      It’s okay to use the Google Analytics code box to add other external javascript references, but be careful not to overwrite your analytics code if you’re using that feature! 

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New Extension für

Wir haben eine neue Extension programmiert für die Webseite. Damit können die Gemeinden für werben. Einfach das glauben-einfach Widget einbinden.

New Extensions

Three new extensions from the SPD should be available in the latest release, the first called GoStats.

It creates customizable statistic reports using the netAdventist server data and data from Google Analytics. More features are on the way including PDF printouts, reports emailed and more available reports.

This extension is currently only available in the console, and not to sites. It will eventually though.

Before installing this extension you'll need to make sure your server has the Ruby Gem 'crack' already installed if it hasn't, all other dependencies are in core already.

Another extension available is Signs Of The Times - providing a widget with articles from the magazine.

And finally the News Desk extension, a great extension for magazine websites or sites who need advanced news/article features.

 Features include, management for Articles, Issues(optional), Categories, Customizable layouts, Authors, Advertising and integrates with the Commenting extension to allow comments on articles. You'll find a link on the extension to three training videos (English) and an example site can be found at

 The commenting extension, which works with the Blogs, News Desk and Media Hub(coming shortly) extensions also now has a link to a training video (English).

Netadventist Newsletter 2.2.2011

In This Issue:

  • Location Finder
  • Polls
  • Promise box
  • Video Announcements

Download PDF

Newsletter 30.09.2010

In This Issue:

  • Directory Extension
  • Media Playback for iDevices
  • Free Web-Workshop

Directory Extension
Directory is a Photo Directory for your Church, School, Conference or Ministry.  It makes the process of keeping track of member’s
addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. much easier by allowing the members to update their own records as needed.  The directory can be made public, or kept private for your members only.  You can use the web-based searchable view or print out your own color photo-book.  With version 2 you can now define your own custom fields.  Directory also includes the ability to import and export in CSV format to help it work better with other systems.

Print your directory on your own color printer or send the file to your local print shop to have it printed up on glossy heavy stock and bound professionally.  All this for a fraction of what the traditional photo-books cost.
Learn more at:

Media Playback for iDevices
netAdventist now detects if you’re viewing the site with an iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) which doesn’t display flash. netAdventist then sends the correct media to these devices so that they can view MP4 or H.264 media properly.  Be sure that your videos are encoded as web optimized .mp4 video (h.264) for this to work properly. To learn how to create a mp4 file for netAdventist, visit:

Free Web Workshop
There will be a free online workshop covering the new Directory Extension v2 on Sunday October 3 and Monday October 4.  Watch the demo and ask your questions.  This free workshop has limited “seating” – please send an email with the day you prefer to: training(at)netAserve(dot)com to reserve a seat.  You’ll get a response with viewing and telephone instructions.

Dates: Sunday, Oct 3 and Monday Oct 4
Times: 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern

Update 10. or 11.05.2010

The upgrade next week will include feature changes as well as bug fixes. Here are the most notable. (These changes are not in 3.0.526)

Better external ICS integration

The calendar section will now directly load external ICS links in the front-end presentation layer rather than adding them to the netAdventist database. The netAdventist event database is not ideal for representing the wide variety of event recurrence options available in ICS. This change sidesteps the issue and will help sites integrating external calendars such as Google Calenders work better.

Flowplayer replaces JWplayer

The licensing situation for upgrading JWplayer to the current version was not clear, so it is being replaced with Flowplayer. The new player is nicer looking and appears to have a better feature set for future upgrades to netAdventist. We're still working on integrating the commercial version of it to remove the watermark. If the upgrade this week comes with a watermark, expect that situation to be taken care of soon.

HTML5 Video Tags (iPad / iPhone)

User-agent detection is used to figure out when an iPad or iPhone is accessing a site. If the embedded media is mp4 or mp3, HTML5 tags are used to enable the iPad or iPhone to play the video. The mp4 file has to be compatible and properly hinted for web streaming. One way to make such videos is by using Handbrake, selecting the iPhone profile and checking the "web optimized" box. This change does not currently affect desktop browsers. If you want to see the flowplayer or HTML5 working on an iPhone, visit: .

The changes for next week are shaping up nicely. We hope a release will be available on Monday or Tuesday.