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There are 3 different places for translations of the HOPE Channel Website Network.

  1. Pages and content elements: You can translate all page titles and all content element titles in the backend of the TYPO3 system. All content in the content elements can also be translated. Some content elements are plug-ins, which showing special views like the tv schedule, the media library, news and so on. All the plugins have language files for their text elements. The content, which shows by the plug-ins, is stored in the system pages. All the records execpt the records of the tv schedule and the media library can be also translated in the backend. Using the list module for record editing. If you have a multi lingual website, you can create translations of your pages. If you switch from the column view to the language view in the Page Module, you can create a translation for every page, you want.
  2. The text elements of the plug-ins can be translated with the ExtLangEditor on our HOPE Channel Support website.
  3. All texts and images, which are part of the global layout, like header or footer, stored in the TypoScript template. In the installation process of your new website, we will sent you a list with all these texts or you have a look at the list below.

Pages, content elements and records

Use the editing functions in the TYPO3 backend of your website.


The plug-in translation are done through the Backend Interface provided by the TYPO3 content management system. Therefore we will presume you are logged in with the user credential provided to you.

In order to login in the Backend Interface, you have to open in your browser the following link and type in your username and password.

login screen

In the left menu click on ExtLangEditor.

about modules screen

Select the extension you want to translate.

select extension screen

Select the language file of the extension you want to translate.

select language file screen

Select the language you want to translate.

select language screen

Translate the text elements. Note: %s and %1$s are variables. Please take the variable in your translated text. If you are not familiar with the date format field, please make no changes in this fields. In the grey boxes below the text fields is the original english text. Click on the save button at the end of the form to save your changes.

translation form screen

After you finished your translation, send us a note. We must copy the language file in your website.

This are the list of all extensions and language files you must translate for your website. The other files are optional (for the TYPO3 backend).

  • ams_captcha
    • pi1/locallang.xml
  • ams_forms
    • locallang_wizards.xml
  • ams_broadcast
    • mod1/locallang_mod.xml
    • mod2/locallang_mod.xml
    • mod2/locallang.xml
    • mod3/locallang_mod.xml
    • mod3/locallang.xml
    • pi2/locallang.xml
    • locallang_db.xml
    • locallang.xml
  • ams_donations
    • pi1/locallang.xml
    • locallang_db.xml
    • locallang.xml
  • ams_medialibrary
    • mod1/locallang_mod.xml
    • mod1/locallang.xml
    • mod2/locallang_mod.xml
    • mod2/locallang.xml
    • pi2/locallang.xml
    • locallang_db.xml
    • locallang.xml
  • ams_lib
    • flash/locallang.xml
    • googlemaps/locallang.xml
    • quicktime/locallang.xml
    • silverlight/locallang.xml
    • upload/locallang.xml
    • wmplayer/locallang.xml
    • wmvplayer/locallang.xml
  • ams_marketing
    • pi1/locallang.xml
    • locallang_db.xml
    • locallang.xml

Text and images of the global layout

This is the list of text elements for the global layout. Please translate this texts and send it to Olivier Guy (olivier.guy(at)stimme-der-hoffnung(dot)de). We must insert the translated texts in the TypoScript template. If you have a multi lingual website, please translate all the text elements in every language

  • text_logo = HOPE Channel Logo
  • text_search = search
  • text_footer = hopechannel.tld is a service of your local media center, your country
  • text_hcrsstitle = HOPE Channel TV Programm
  • text_breadcrumbstart = Home
  • text_news_more = more
  • text_news_back = back to %s
  • text_language = language
  • text_selectlivestream = select livestream
  • text_getflashplayer = Get Adobe Flash Player.
  • styles.content.mailform.badMess = Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory!
  • plugin.tt_news.displayXML.xmlTitle = Hope Channel - News
  • plugin.tt_news.displayXML.xmlDesc = News from Hope Channel
  • ams_broadcast.detailFormEmailSubject = contact form
  • ams_donations.string.emailsubject = Donation with credit card for the project
  • ams_donations.string.paymenttext = Donation for the project
  • header title = HOPE Channel - passion for life
  • global page title = HOPE Channel | christian television
  • Language names for the tv schedule
    • arabic
    • bulgarian
    • english
    • farsi
    • french
    • german
    • hindi
    • italian
    • norwegian
    • portuguese
    • romanian
    • russian
    • spanish
    • tamil
    • telugu
    • ukraine