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The management operations of the HOPE Channel website are done through the Backend Interface provided by the TYPO3 content management system. Therefore we will presume you are logged in with the user credential provided to you.

In order to login in the Backend Interface, you have to open in your browser the following link and type in your username and password.

login screen

Please do not edit any records of the media library in the system page on your local TYPO3 backend. All data synchronized automatically every 6 hours to your website and overwrite any local data.

About featured programs

The Samsung Smart TV app has a page called "Home". There you'll find the three latest media stories in the media library and three featured programs (media stories). This view is sorted by geolocation of the viewer. Featured programs need to be manually chosen by the local Hope Channel editor. To mark a video as a featured program, follow these steps:


How to mark a program as "featured"

Edit or create a media story as usual (see Help - Media library).
In the following screen, make sure to check "Featured" checkbox:

When complete with the sceen, click on the save  icon, on the upper left side of the page. Alternatively you may click on save and close .

With the Feature checkbox enabled, your media story will show up in the featured media story bar: