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The Hope Channel apps for Android, iPhone and iPad offer the users the possibility to watch videos of the media library on demand from within the app. If you want your videos to appear in the app, you’ll have to optimize your videos for mobile devices and add them to the database. This document describes the necessary steps for getting your videos to the apps.

Optimize your videos for mobile devices

The first thing you have to do is to optimize your videos for mobile devices, this means reducing the video resolution, bitrate, ... . Here are the settings working for most mobile devices:

Video codec

H264 – MPEG-4 AVC (Main Concept), Baseline Profile

Video resolution

480 x 270 px (for 16:9 videos)
480 x 360 px (for 4:3 videos)

Refresh rate

25 fps


500 kbit/s, Constant Bit Rate (CBR)


AAC Quicktime (128 kbit/s)

Crop picture (if possible)

Top 7 pixels, Bottom 7 pixels, Left 12 pixels, Right 12 pixels

As we plan to offer the videos to download in a future version of the app, it’s important to optimize the videos and to decrease the file size that will get downloaded. Furthermore older devices or inexpensive devices (small screen resolution, weak hardware) can’t play the videos smoothly if the videos have a big resolution.

Add the videos to the database

Once you’ve optimized your videos, you can add them as a download link to the database:

a) Login to
b) Find your media story in the media library
c) Create a new download link and add it to your media story:

NOTE: There’s a new media format “MP4 mobile” denoting the video version.

Activate the media library in the apps

When you’re done optimizing your videos for the media library and you’ve added them to the database, your library is ready to appear in the different apps. Contact us and we’ll activate your media library for the Android, iPhone and iPad app.

Email: sascha.schuster(at)stimme-der-hoffnung(dot)de