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TYPO3 Backend functionality is not working?

If you are working in the TYPO3 backend and experience a Problem:

1. NOT using the Firefox Internet Browser:

Please test any issue with the Firefox browser first. We are finding with the Chrome and Safari browsers, there have been issues reported with the functionality of the TYPO3 backend. As you may be aware of, the version of TYPO3 we are currently using is a older at this point. As the browsers continue to be improved, issues have been popping up. Firefox has been stable through most of the issues we have encountered. If the problem does not appear when tested using the Firefox browser, then please continue using Firefox.  (see news below)

2. I'm using the Firefox Internet Browser: (please provide the following)

  1. Version of Firefox being used when the problem occurs.
  2. In which component the problem takes place.
  3. The exact steps to reproduce the error.
  4. A screenshot of the error if possible.
  5. If the problem is on a specific page, please provide the full URL to the page, not simply the name of the page.
  6. If the problem is happening inside a specific Article, Show, Episode, etc. Please provide the Title and UID of the element which has the problem.

3. News

We are currently in development of the next version of the Hope Channel Network Website Platform. This should become available in 2021. After the new system comes online, we will need time to migrate each partner onto the new platform. This work will be scheduled after discussion with the Development Team Leader.