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Alter background image for Anchor Show

To add an the image for the Anchor show, please follow the steps below. If you are changing the image, make sure and remove the old image from the page before completing step 8 below. For image sizing, please go to the anchor show page and scroll to the bottom.

  1. Log into the TYPO3 backend
  2. In the left column, click on the Anchor Shows module.
  3. In the center column, click on the Anchor Show page for the Show you wish to update.
  4. In the right column, you should be in the Edit anchor show page. Please look at the top and make sure the select is set to “Edit anchor show” option.
  5. Find the heading “Images” in the Anchor Show edit page. Under this click on the pencil icon to update the image. If you have any changes on the edit page, save before leaving the page.
  6. You should now be on Edit Page for the Anchor Show. There is a button on this page, “Create new relation”, click on this button.
  7. The popup for the File browser will appear. Navigate to where you have stored the image and then click on the image to select it.
  8. When done, click on the save and close icon (disk with X on it).
  9. You will be taking back to the Edit anchor show page. The new background image will be shown on this page.
  10. Continue your work or move onto your next task

Delete Anchor Show

When an Anchor Show is to be deleted, please consider the following:

  • The process to delete should be done through the Anchor Show manager.
  • Do not delete the show manually first and then try to delete the Anchor Show. (This causes problems because the AS Manager cannot find the show and cleanly remove the show and the connections to it)
  • When a show is "deleted" using the Anchor show manager, it is not being removed completely, it only loses status as an Anchor Show. The show will still exist in the media library.
  • Therefore, after removing a show as an Anchor Show, it the show is being retired, it should either be deactivated or deleted as the case may be. Only delete if the show will NEVER be used again.