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How does Geo-Location work for the Hope Channel App?

The Hope Channel apps geo-locaiton works in the following manner:

When the Hope Channel App is installed and first opened on the phone, the App should find the language the phone is using and then the country. From these settings it should provide the Hope Channel partner which matches those settings.

So, if the App were newly installed in Mexico on a phone where Spanish was being used, it would be expected that Hope Channel Inter-America Spanish channel should be selected on the initial startup. This setting would then be saved on the phone.

If this same phone were taken to Miami, Norway, France or some other location, the App would still display the Hope Channel Inter-America Spanish channel. Because the initial channel was saved, the app will use that when it opens the next time.

To change the channel, one needs to go to the settings in the App and select the channel they want to see. If they do not want to see the channel which they originally had when the app opened for the first time. This was planned, so that the phone would not keep changing channels on the user, depending on which country they happened to be in.


If you speak multiple languages, please verify which language your phone is using. Switch to the proper language for the country you are located in. Then uninstall and reinstall the app.