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Downloadable Content in the Apps

Here is the workflow for Shows and Episodes in the TYPO3 backend, to make sure the content is downloadable from within the Hope Channel App.


  • All Episodes in TYPO3 have a "downloadable" checkbox.
  • When the "downloadable" checkbox is updated and saved, the change is synchronized with Brightcove Video Cloud. The change takes effect immediately on the website.
  • Due to the scheduled jobs, it might take up to 10 minutes until the change takes effect in the apps.
  • A task periodically synchronizes all episodes download flags with Brightcove Video Cloud. The values in Brightcove will be overwritten.
  • The task to synchronize all episodes runs every 6 hours.


  • Shows in TYPO3 have an "episodes downloadable" flag.
  • Changing the flag directly takes effect on the website (all episodes of the show will be downloadable or not).
  • A task synchronizes the TYPO3 backend with Brightcove Video Cloud periodically (every 6 hours), all episodes of shows where the flag has been changed. The values in Brightcove will be overwritten.
  • For the apps, changing the download flag on shows will take effect after the task is run, so it can take up to 6 hours.

!! Please note, the "source of truth" is the TYPO3 backend of your website. The state of the checkbox will overwrite the setting on the Brightcove platform.