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The Hope Channel apps Featured section displays content in so-called carousels. Carousels are containers for either shows or episodes. In the TYPO3 back-end, new carousels can be created in the Media library folder of the Hope Channel partner, by defining what the carousel should display.

In the above carousel, episodes having the category "Health", or have the tags "health, fitness, well-being or strength" will be displayed. To create a carousel, please follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate into the media library in the TYPO3 back-end. (ex: .../Data/Channels/Hope Channel XXX)
  2. Look for a section header titled "Carousels", here you can click on the "new Record" icon. If this section does not exist then click on the "Create new record" icon which is at the top of the screen, just above where the page tree section and media library tables section. It is next to the edit page properties icon. When the New record screen is displayed, click on "Carousels" and you will make a new Carousel.
  3. Provide:
    1. A focused and descriptive title
    2. Select the content type (Shows or Episodes)
    3. Choose the Sorting (Date or Plays)
    4. Select the categories to filter the shows or episodes
    5. Enter the tags to filter the shows or episodes
  4. Click on the Save Icon or Save and close if the work is completed.
  5. To hide the Carousel, click on the light bulb after you have saved and closed the carousel.
  6. Once an active carousel is added to the Media library it will be displayed in the Hope Channel App after the completion of the data sync.