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General information about Go-Live list

The following points are strongly recommended by the team at Stimme der Hoffnung to be completed by a Hope Channel partner before they go-live with their new website. It is the partner's choice, when they will take the site live. However there are elements in the list below which, if not completed could lead to either a less than desirable website appearance, or could lead to technical problems, examples being that SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Livestream or Media Library (VOD) is not working properly. Therefore please use the list below and review your website to prepare for going live.


Please make sure that you have licensing or rights for the images which appear on your Hope Channel website. The example content images and images used for training are not owned by Stimme der Hoffnung and should not be displayed on the website. Use the image file metadata field "Title" to provide information about the rights for using the image. The following resources can be used to obtain free images for your website. Please review the licensing on each website below:


Review all of the text elements which appear on your Hope Channel website. For example, check that the Copyright, address, etc. are correct for your Hope Channel website. If original example content, like the Contact page, will continue to be used, review the text. This really goes without needing to be said, but is given here as a reminder.

Example and Training Pages and Content Elements

The website should display only active pages with real content. However be careful deleting pages on the website. If you are not sure what the page does and it was created during the installation process, it is probably better to disable the page, rather than delete it! That said, please review the following points:

  1. Any of the example pages which were created during the installation process of the website, which are examples for the website editors and are not going to be used should be disabled.
  2. Any example webpage content should be disabled, if not being used.
  3. Any pages which were created during the TYPO3 training should be disabled, repurposed or removed.
  4. Any content created during training should be disabled, repurposed or removed.
  5. If a page is disabled, disable all subpages of that page as well, to avoid indexing. Example: A top level page has the title "JD". The editor has disabled page JD, but not its subpages. The subpages which are not disabled are indexed by the website search engine and if a visitor enters a word which appears on the subpage, the subpage will appear in the search results. This is undesireable for the user experience.
  6. Use the frontend search funtionality to find content that should be disabled. For example "lorem ipsum" was used to generate example text for some content elements. If you search on "Lorem", this should not bring back any results. Also "Example" was a keyword used in the title of example shows, episodes, news, etc., so a search using that keyword should be made to verify none of these elements come back in a search. Disable the elements which should not be displayed in a search, because they are only example elements.


Please review all of the translation work done for your website. Make sure that a member of your team has created an account on the Translation Server and that all of the TYPO3 extensions have been properly translated. Review the Translation page under the Document webpage on this support website for all items which should be reviewed in regards to translation.

Search functionality

The website has search functionality powered by the Apache Solr search engine. Once the page content has been correctly populated, test searches should be executed on a sample of example keywords. The keywords will vary per site, so we cannot provide a list which will cover all posible websites. Please verify:

  1. Auto suggest is functional. After the third character is typed, the system should offer a list of whole words, which exist somewhere on the website. (the number of characters may change depending on language, however autosuggest should be working)
  2. Results displayed on the search page. Does the link go to the correct resource? (Note: Site is indexed every 5 minutes, so if something was deleted, wait 10 minutes and check again)
  3. In the event that the keywords used for the testing produce errors, please make sure and send the list of keywords to the development team at Stimme der Hoffnung, along with an E-Mail describing the issues found.

Navigation Links

Please review all navigation links on the website.

  1. General website navigation between pages.
  2. Any filter links (ex. Homepage/Shows/Categories the links under Categories)
  3. Links to social media websites.
  4. Files which are available for download.
  5. Go through site and look for any brocken links.

Live Stream and schedule

If your Hope Channel website has a Livestream and schedule:

  1. Send Stimme der Hoffnung Hope Channel team your Livestream ID (Brightcove).
  2. Verify schedule import process is working properly.
  3. Verify schedule and Livestream timeslots match.
  4. Verify links from Schedule page lead to proper Show or Episode detail page.

Media library and player

If your Hope Channel website has a Media Library, please verify:

  1. Media player is functioning properly.
  2. The Show, Episode and Person contact forms are sent and recieved properly.
  3. Episodes and Shows are appearing on the homepage and in other plugins as expected.
  4. If you are a Hope Channel partner originally hosted by Stimme der Hoffnung, your Media Library should have been imported and reviewed.

Search Engine Optimization

Please review the information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in regards to your website.

Domain Name

When you have your Domain Name hosted on a different ISP, you will need to make an update when the website is ready to go-live.

In this case, you setup the name server and create an A record for the DNS pointing to the IP This change can take 24 hours to happen.

Additionally, if the provider is using any aliases, these aliases need to point to the same IP. Example: or both need to point to IP address.