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How do I setup a redirect on the website?

The process to create a redirect is fairly straightforward:

  1. Log into the TYPO3 backend.
  2. In the left column click on the Info module (icon blue circle with white "i" in the middle)
  3. Click on the Root of the website or the globe icon
  4. In the right-hand portion of the screen, look near the top of the screen, at the select list and choose "RealURL management"
  5. For the "show" select list, choose "Redirects"
  6. It would be good practice, to make sure and lookup the URL you want to redirect first. To make sure someone did not try this already and had a typo in the URL
  7. If the URL does not exist, click on the Icon for "Add new redirects". You will see a table of empty fields, where you can create new redirects.
  8. Place the source URL in the Source URL column
    1. shows/biblehelpdesk/find-an-answer/questions-about-prayer/
    2. No leading “/”
    3. Provide a trailing “/”
  9. Place the destination URL in the Destination column
    1. shows/biblehelpdesk/find-an-answer/questions-about-prayer-and-hearing-god/
    2. No leading “/”
    3. Provide a trailing “/”
  10. Set the domain
  11. Place a checkmark in the checkbox for Permanent
  12. Do the steps for all the redirects you have.
  13. Click on Save when all the redirects are entered.
  14. Test the redirects in the frontend
  15. You may need to clear the website cache, if it seems the redirect is not working correctly.