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There is a banner which can be used by Hope Channel Partners for conveying information to visitors of the website. It should work on any device. The banner will appear at the top of the page when the visitor comes to the website. There is a little bit of setup for the banner to work, after this editors should be able to activate/deactivate and update the banner as they need to.

The Banner is built to use with simple text content, which can include a link. It is not designed or coded to provide long text and/or images, video etc.

In the TYPO3 backend, the banner uses an HTML content element type. Here are a few notes to explain how this works:

  1. When you want to turn on the banner, you simply need to edit the content element and enable the content element on the Access tab. This makes the banner visible on the website.
  2. If you want to turn off the banner, reverse the steps above and disable the content element.
  3. The banner sets a cookie if the user clicks on the “x” to close the banner. Once the cookie is set, the banner will not appear when the user visits the website. This can be reset, if the banner needs to be reused. (please read carefully)
  4. Resetting the banner works like this:
    1. Simply turn off the content element.
    2. There is code run to remove the banner cookie, when the element is disabled.
    3. Turn the element back on, after a prescribed period of time. (When the banner is needed again)
    4. ! Here is the “tricky” part. The visitor has to come to the website, when the banner is deactivated, so that their local storage is cleared. Simply deactivating the element, flushing the cache, reactivating the element, flushing cache in the course of five minutes is not going to reset the banner. If you have a sense that most frequenting visitors are on the website several times within a week, perhaps leaving the banner off for a week completely, then turn it back on, should allow you to create a new banner. You need to leave the banner off for a time which seems appropriate for your website, so that the regular visitors will have come to the website, when the banner was deactivated, and their browser caches will be cleared.
  5. SDH needs to create the content element to be used for the banner.
  6. Lastly: The mobile browser cache seems to be problematic. When changing the state of the content element (e.g. activate or deactivate), please flush the frontend cache of typo3 as well. If this is not done, then for some reason the mobile device does not pick up the change. In testing, I had to flush the frontend cache to have the mobile browser work correctly.