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Filelist Module Information

When naming files and folders in the TYPO3 backend using the Filelist module, please use the following naming conventions:

  1. Lower case letters only.
  2. No spaces.
  3. No Foreign characters (replace with standard). For example: German "ä" would be replaced with "ae".
  4. Use only the following characters: "a-z", "0-9", "-", "_".


  • The file and folder names will be used in URLs, they must be "web friendly", so please follow the above conventions.
  • Image Copyrights: As required for your country, please make sure to add metadata to the images, to ensure that your website does not come under scrutiny for copyright infringement. See also the Image Sizes page.

A few additional tips:

  • Please create a good structure for your files, so that files are logically organized for locating later.
  • Avoid putting all the files in one or a couple of directories. This creates the situation where you will have to page through many files looking for the correct one.
  • Please use a good naming convention for the file names. Avoid cryptic names or names which are generic and provide little guidance to yourself or your team.
    Ex: Avoid: "tree_1.jpg" : use instead "tree_of_life_revelation_today.jpg".