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How to disable/enable Disqus commenting?

The Disqus ( commenting functionality is available on every detail page on the website. This allows for visitors to leave comments regarding website content. If the commenting functionality is not wished, or is missing it can be adjusted by editing the plugin on the detail pages. Setting or removing the checkbox can activate/deactivate the commenting function as desired.

The following pages contain detail plugins:

  • .../Glaube im Alltag/Andachten/Andacht
  • .../Glaube im Alltag/Mediathek/Serie
  •  .../Glaube im Alltag/Mediathek/Episode
  • .../Glaube im Alltag/Mediathek/Podcast
  • .../Glaube im Alltag/Mediathek/Media
  • ../Glaube im Alltag/Buchtipps/Buchtipp
  • .../Glaube im Alltag/Projekte/Projekt
  • .../News/Artikel