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Hope Channel App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Watch Hope Channel, a Christian TV Network, LIVE on your iPhone or iPod touch. Currently available channels are Hope Channel (English), Esperanza TV (Spanish), Hope Channel International (English), Hope Channel Deutsch (German) and Hope Church Channel (English). Choose Hope Channel in your favourite language e.g. Hope Channel International in English. Browse the program schedule and find out, when your favourite show is being broadcasted. A very simple to use app that will greatly help you in relieving stress, improving everyday life and finding answers to your innermost questions.

Note: Depending on your connection type, the live stream might be downgraded to audio only! As soon as your internet connection gets better, the video stream setting will be automatically activated. On some OS versions, the sound will start after a few seconds.

If the livestream for Hope Channel International or Hope Channel German is not working, please look at our status page.

The Hope Channel App works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iPhone OS 3.1.3 and newer.

The Hope Channel App on the iPhone


1. Why don´t I get Audio on my iPhone with iOs 4?

It can tabe up to 10 seconds until the Audio is coming after the picture is there. This is only in version iOs 4.

known bugs/problems

There are a bug in the schedule day navigation for devices, thats runs not in UTC timezone. We are working on this problem.