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Introducing carousels - Grouping episodes and shows for the apps

22.06.2018 08:31

The new Hope Channel apps (Android, iPhone, Roku, ...) will display contents in so-called carousels. Carousels are containers for either shows or episodes. In TYPO3, new carousels can be created by defining rules. For example, a carousel can be created that will display all shows having the category "Health", or another carousel that will display all episodes having the tags "bible, faith, god".

Check the docs to know more about the apps.

Defining custom show images and colors for the apps

21.06.2018 16:26

A new feature allows creating custom show images and show colors for the Hope Channel apps. Default values can be configured and overridden as needed for each app (Android, iPhone, Roku, ...).

Custom colors:

Custom images:

Check the docs to know more about the apps.

Hope Channel France media library added to the apps

20.04.2018 10:38

The media library contents were added to the Hope Channel apps.

The apps are available for Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Samsung SmartTV, Roku.

Two livestreams added to the Hope Channel apps

18.03.2018 16:01

Two new livestreams have been added to the Hope Channel apps:

  • Hope Channel Polska | polish
  • Hope TV Asia | english

The apps are available for Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Samsung SmartTV, Roku.

New website: HC France

13.01.2018 09:42

Hope Channel France goes live.

Check out their new website under

New website: HC Tanzania

02.11.2017 21:44

Hope Channel Tanzania goes live.

Check out their new website under

New website: HC Kenya

22.09.2017 12:56

Hope Channel Kenya goes live.

Check out their new website under

New website: HC South East Asia

13.09.2017 14:45

Hope Channel South East Asia goes live.

Check out their new website under

Big update of the Hope Channel app

21.07.2017 14:52

A new version of the Hope Channel App is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

The app was recreated from scratch and has a light and modern design. The livestreams work now out of the box without having to install the Vitamio Plugin, and lots of new content has been added to the app.

What's new:

  • New design and interfaces
  • Supports newer devices
  • Streaming of videos to Apple TV (iOS apps)
  • Vitamio Player not required anymore
  • Improved performance
  • Free app (no ads, no restrictions)

App Requirements

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Devices running at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) will support videos in better quality.


  • Hope Channel
  • Hope Church Channel
  • Hope Channel International
  • Hope Channel Inter-America
  • Esperanza TV
  • EsperanzaTV Interamérica
  • EsperanzaTV Interamérique
  • Nuevo Tiempo
  • Novo Tempo
  • Speranta TV
  • Hope Channel Germany
  • Hope Channel Germany Radio
  • Hope Channel Africa
  • Hope Channel Norway
  • Hope Channel India
  • Hope Channel Arabic (Al-Waad)
  • Chinese Hope TV

Media Libraries:

  • Hope Channel
  • Hope Channel UK
  • Hope Channel Norway
  • Hope Channel Denmark
  • Hope Channel Germany
  • Hope Channel Germany Radio
  • Hope Channel France
  • Hope Channel Arabic (Al-Waad)
  • Hope Channel Japan
  • Church Channel Japan

NOTE: Channels working with YouTube to host their videos doesn't show in the app as YouTube videos are not included in the Hope Channel app.

New website: HC Philippines

20.07.2017 17:03

Hope Channel Philippines goes live.

Check out their new website under

New website: HC Norway

21.06.2017 12:51

Hope Channel Norway goes live.

Check out their new website under

Media Library plugin update

08.05.2017 10:47

The “Shows Gallery” view of the Media Library plugin has been updated. For the Shows Gallery view there is now the option to order the shows using the following criteria:

  1. Show Title: alphabetical sorting based on the show title.
  2. Latest Shows: chronological order based on the show creation date.
  3. Sort Order: ordering of the Shows based on their order in the Shows Table list.
  4. Random: a random presentation of shows.

New option to order the shows in the plugin:

Ordering shows in the Shows table list:



New website: HC India

03.05.2017 15:25

Hope Channel India goes live.

Check out their new website under

Updated specifications for website image sizes

19.04.17 16:35

We have updated our documentation in regards to image sizes:

On this page can one find our recommendations on image sizes for:

  • General sizes
  • Shows
  • Episodes
  • Podcasts
  • Host / Guests
  • Banners
  • News

As noted in the training, TYPO3 will properly handle image sizes larger than those listed. However, some partners have expressed the desire to work with minimum recommended image sizes, thereby saving storage space. For those who wish to work in this manner, we would reccommend resizing images as per the above guidelines, before the images are uploaded to the TYPO3 Backend.

Support for single episodes

30.03.2017 15:13

Episodes never had to be assigned to shows, but they would only be found using the website search or in the list of all episodes.

A recent website update allows single episodes to be displayed in the latest episodes plugin or in the related episodes plugin.

New website: HC United Kingdom

12.12.2016 12:24

Hope Channel UK goes live

Check out their new website under

New language filter for episode plugins

03.11.2016 15:47

We have added a language filter to the episode plugins. Now it is possible to select a language in the TYPO3 backend, so that only episodes of this language will be show on the website.


The language filter is available for following plugins:

  • Episodes list
  • Episodes teaser
    • Latest episodes
    • Related episodes
    • Best rated episodes
    • Most watched episodes
    • Featured episodes

New website: HC Deaf

29.11.2016 17:58

Hope Channel Deaf goes live

Check out their new website under

New website: HC MENA

15.11.2016 11:22

Hope Channel MENA goes live

Check out their new website under

Episode rating

12.07.2016 10:25

The Episode rating for viewers is now completely implemented. When a user clicks on the "Heart" icon for liking an Episode the system performs two checks to verify that the user has not previously liked the Episode. If the user has not liked the Episode previously, the system stores the information. On a six hour schedule, the system updates the ratings in the Episodes table, so the hearts will display the correct count for the Episode.


YouTube videos available as Episode media links

12.07.2016 08:17

Episodes should now allow for Youtube videos to be referenced in the Media Links tab. The complete URL is not required, only the YouTube code at the end of the URL is needed.

VideoJS player has been updated

12.07.2016 08:13

The VideoJS player version has been updated. There are some design changes within the player, such as the location of the time slider and the volume adjustment slider.

Old Player


New Player


Use of original width images

11.07.2016 15:30

For smaller images combined with Text, we have made a small update to the CSS. If you use the TYPO3 standard content element type Image, and then in the Appearance tab set the Image Alignment to “Above, left” or “Above, right”, it will use the original image width.


It should still be responsive to different screen sizes. One can use this in combination with a Text element, to provide a smaller image in combination with text.

New configuration options for media library

19.05.2016 10:44

New configuration options have been implemented in order to give more control on what will be displayed on the episode detail page.

For each of the following points, you can decide whether the functionality is going to be displayed or not:

  • Number of views
  • Sharing content
  • Embedding video
  • Rating video

Embedding videos to other websites

19.05.2016 10:26

You can now embed videos of Hope Channel to other websites using the embed code we provide. Video embedding works both with the livestream and the videos of the media library.


New categories added

22.04.2016 11:40

3 new categories have been added to the website:

  • News
  • Adventists
  • Culture

With categories you can help your website visitors find your content easier as they can filter the content by categories. Categories are also used to display related contents. Categories can be added to shows and episodes.

Error handling pages

20.04.2016 15:06

We've created error handling pages for 404 and 503 errors. The error pages can be customized and translated to your different website languages.


New website: HC Italy

18.04.2016 09:42

Hope Channel Italy goes live with more than 80 shows and 1000 videos.

Check out their new website under

New website: HC Denmark

01.04.2016 13:18

Hope Channel Denmark goes live.

Check out their new website under

Anchor show manager launched

21.03.2016 22:08

Customize your shows by setting a background image and some colors.

Have also a look at following links:

Livestream banner plugin added

21.03.2016 21:20

A new plugin is now available for the startpage of the website. The livestream plugin adds a livestream player and the corresponding schedule to the startpage.