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Hope Channel App for Android

Hope Channel is a family friendly television network that spans the globe. The network broadcasts to every inhabited continent via satellite and is widely re-distributed by terrestrial rebroadcast, cable, internet and direct-to-home TV.
You can also watch Hope Channel from your Android device.

The Hope Channel App works with any Android device running the Android platform version 2.1 (Froyo) or newer.


1. What's the difference between the free and the paid Hope Channel app?

With the free version of the app, you only can only watch the latest program of a show in the media library. With the paid version of the app, you'll get access to more than 1300 videos in english, german and french.

2. Do I have to install the Vitamio Player?

You only need to install the Vitamio Player Plugin to watch live TV. The player doesn't need to get installed for viewing videos of the media library.

3. Why do I have to install the Vitamio Player?

You have to install the Vitamio Player in order to watch live TV.

4. Do i need wifi to watch videos?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended to have a good internet connection to watch the videos.

5. Why does the videos don't stream properly?

There are several reasons why the stream doesn't stream properly:

- You've got a bad connectivity. The streaming works best with a proper wifi signal.
- The resolution of your screen is smaller than 480x800 pixels.
- The hardware of your device is to slow to stream the video properly.

6. Why does some live tv channels work but others not?

The live streams originate from different Hope Channel centers all over the world. Depending on the encoding, there can be differences in quality and reliability of the different channels.

7. Can I customize the channels that will be displayed for live tv and tv schedule?

Yes. You can choose the channels that will be displayed under the application settings.Yes. You can choose the channels that will be displayed under the application

8. Can I use the Hope Channel App with an Android tablet?

Sure. The design of the app is not fully optimized for tablets yet, but you still can use all functionalities of the app.

9. What data is loaded when I start the app?

The first time of the day the app gets started, the tv schedule for 3 days will get loaded. The data is cached so that you only need to load it once a day.
Note that the images will not be loaded on app start, but only on demand.

10. Can I reduce the amount of data loaded on app start?

You've got two possibilities to reduce the data that will get loaded:

a) In the app settings, uncheck the channels you don't use. Only the data of the selected channels will be loaded.
b) In the app settings, change the number of days of the tv schedule will be loaded on app start.

11. Can I reload the tv schedule manually or do I have to wait for the next day?

You can reload the schedule whenever you want by clicking the refresh button of the options menu.

12. Are the images of the tv schedule and media library stored on my device?

Yes. The images will be saved on the SD card of your device in order to load them only once from internet.

13. Will the cached images be deleted sometime?

Yes and no. The images of the tv schedule will be deleted automatically when they're outdated. The images of the media library will not get deleted.

14. Can I deleted the cached images manually?

Yes. You've got an option to delete both the tv schedule and the media library images in the app settings.