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Text & Images

To publish text with/or images content, please choose the content element Text & Images or Images. With this content elements you have full control and it is easy to change the image size, position and it automatically insert the full meta information (title and description/caption) from the file.

Use the following configuration to have a correct and responsive output.

Position and Alignment: Above, center and Below, center will be always displayed with 100% width. The width must be 773 pixel. The other positions will be display with 50% width. This width must be 381 pixel.

Number of Columns: 1. For the special case of 2 image columns, select 2 and in Position and Alignment only Above, center or Below, center. The width must be 148 Pixel.

You can enable the checkbox "Enlarge on Click" to open the image in a modal window.

For image galleries use only the plugin Gallery.