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Filelist Module Information

When naming files and folders in the TYPO3 backend using the Filelist module, please use the following naming conventions:

  1. Lower case letters only.
  2. No spaces.
  3. No Foreign characters (replace with standard). For example: German "ä" would be replaced with "ae".
  4. Use only the following characters: "a-z", "0-9", "-", "_".


  • The file and folder names will be used in URLs, they must be "web friendly", so please follow the above conventions.

A few additional tips:

  • Please create a good structure for your files, so that files are logically organized for locating later.
  • Avoid putting all the files in one or a couple of directories. This creates the situation where you will have to page through many files looking for the correct one.
  • Please use a good naming convention for the file names. Avoid cryptic names or names which are generic and provide little guidance to yourself or your team.
    Ex: Avoid: "tree_1.jpg" : use instead "tree_of_life_revelation_today.jpg".